John Bonham

John Bonham, "Bonzo" was one of the most important and influential drummers of the 1960's and 1970's. Born in Reddich, England in 1948 he was a naturally born drummer, sensitive to rhythm at an early age. Growing up he was in a band, "Crawling King Snakes" with Robert Plant, who suggested Bonham as a drummer when he was putting together the band, Led Zeppelin. Once a member of Led Zeppelin, Bonham became known for his speed, power, distinctive sound and "feel" for the groove.


Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd an American sessions and studio drummer, born in Rochester, NY in 1945 is one of the world’s top session drummers. Gadd was first introduced to drums at seven years old by his uncle who was a drummer in the US Army.


keith moon

Keith moon was born 1946 in London, England, showing interest at an early age in music, constantly listening to different genres on his families record player. Moon started out playing the bugle and then the trumpet, eventually on his 14th birthday receiving a drum set from his mother, he took to the drums with little instruction or help. By 1964, Moon was teaming up with Daltry, Townshend, and Entwistle in The Who. The band had several major breakthroughs throughout the UK, with a somewhat aggressive style of playing. Moon developed a distinctive, hard-driving style, creating enormous drum kits by combining several drum kits, he was a pioneering rock drummer. Moon had a large personality and his onstage antics were legendary! Moon all in all was a legendary drummer for The Who.

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stewart copeland 

Stewart Copeland was born in 1952 in Alexandria, Virginia. Copeland moved around a lot as a child but relocated to Great Britain after college, joining the band Curved Air as a drummer. HIs next band, The Police, achieved worldwide fame and chart topping albums through the mid-1980s. Along with The Police, he is an accomplished producer and composer of soundtracks for movies and television. He won a Golden Globe in 1983 for his score of the film Rumble Fish. When The Police stopped touring in 1984, Copeland began to compose soundtracks for movies, television and video games.



Billy Cobham

Billy Cobham was born 1944 in Colon, Panama but his family moved to New York City when Cobham was 3. His father was a pianist on the weekends, Cobham started playing drums at age 4 and joined his father 4 years later. When he was 14 he got his drum kits after being accepted to The High School of Music and Arts. After graduating high school, Cobham joined the U.S. Army, where he further developed and refined his drumming skills and overall approach to making music while playing in the U.S. Army Band as a percussionist. The following year, he was invited to join Miles Davis’ group and contributed to four pivotal recordings by the trumpeter. In the spring of 1971, Cobham was invited by John McLaughlin into the Mahavishnu Orchestra, joining Jan Hammer, Jerry Goodman, and Rick Laird. In this setting, Cobham’s dramatic, explosive power, extraordinary dexterity, and complex style of play brought him global attention and critical acclaim.Cobham was continuously involved in several bands, orchestra recordings, and worked with several charities throughout the years.