Most great artists got their start in an underground scene.

With that in mind, it's our intention to create the next generation of influential musicians by providing them with a solid foundation in music education through real life experiences.

At TRU, we celebrate the uniqueness of all the musicians that have created the music we love and have inspired generation after generation.

Through our unique approach, we will teach students about the historical musical roots of these inspirational artists, as well as show them other artists and genres they may have never heard of before, while building the skill set of a professional musician. The Rock Underground strives to get the students excited about creating their own music with confidence in having their own signature musical voice.

All beginners are considered "Rock Starters."

Beginners who sign up for lessons and performances enter our program that is designed to teach students how to play their instrument, rehearse and perform on stage with a band of their peers.

At The Rock Underground, students work together with students who share a love for playing music.

Students will study specific artists and genres which will inspire them to express themselves and be exactly who they are as an artist, individual, and musician. The Rock Underground is like no other music school. The Rock Underground is now AND then. The Rock Underground is where great music begins. The Rock Underground teaches classics and inspires originals.