Join the Rock Underground Family!

“TRU” is an all ages music school, students can take lessons, join a band, perform live in our concerts, or shop in our retail store. You don’t have to be a musician to own a Rock Underground music school. We provide a fun, safe & creative environment where students can blossom artistically, both collaboratively and as individuals. 

Rewarding and inspiring!

We Teach Classics & Inspire Originals

We are a full service rock music school where we offer lessons, instrument packages, performance recording and studio engineering. Each semester starts with individualized instruction and ends with each student and their band’s live performance on stage at a local venue. We bring the entire community together to celebrate and rock out to these rock stars – young and old – living their dream.

Do you want to be inspired? Start by being an inspiration to budding rock stars and Own Your Own Rock Underground Music School!

Nothing will make you happier than seeing your students try something new and succeed – stepping out of their comfort zone and into stardom – performing on stage in front of a live audience. Don’t you want to be a rock star too? Join our TRU family and own your own studio.


About Us & The Rock Underground History

Steve Eplan launched The Rock Underground in 2010 with the fall semester. That winter, 80 kids hit the stage as TRU musicians with their band performing what they learned from our teachers and staff at The Rock Underground Music School located in Bellmore, NY.  In the Summer of 2011, Ed Shoulson joined the BrAND and opened a new location in Commack, N.Y.

Then, in late 2012 the two partners decided to form the Rock Underground Franchise and officially started offering a TRU opportunity to own a franchise in 2013.  We have since opened two franchises in Massapequa, N.Y. and also in Orange County, N.Y, at the beautiful town of Greenwood Lake.  We’ve been rockin’ ever since with more students and hopefully at a locations in your town soon.

Why own with us?

1. We serve the community with Rock Music Education, Performance training, Recording and Engineering instruction.

Our schools focus on students of all ages, so you can attract customers from ages 2 and up – the sky’s the limit!

2. Exciting and Fun work environment where you and your staff help your RockStarters learn classic rock and pop music, perform on stage, record their performance or even inspire them to write their own music.

With three semesters each year, students sign up for 5 months (Fall and Spring) or a 2 month Summer semester. This gives our franchisees the ability to plan their staffing and performance venue needs well in advance.

3. Passionate about music and the arts?

Own a Rock Underground Music School and help cultivate your students’ passion and love of music.

Whether or not you have a degree in music education, music performance or music therapy our ideal owner will manage the business developing the market to attract new students and oversee performances and events at the end of each season. Stay involved in the music by participating hands-on and teaching your own band, if that’s your goal, but know that we recommend you hire certified and degreed instructors to offer year-round music education and give you flexibility to do what you want.


Do I have to be a music instructor or have a music degree?

No, we will train you on how to hire certified teachers and provide the curriculum for your school for each semester.

What are your hours?

Typically, our schools are open Monday to Friday from noon to 8PM and longer on Saturdays. We suggest that our franchisees be open and teaching students when they are available, after school and until early evening.

Do you offer a Financial Performance Representation (How much can I make)?

We do offer a Financial Performance Representation in our FDD, called Item 19 and this document will be disclosed to qualified candidates. We’d be happy to share this information and to answer this question for you but a lot will depend on you as a TRU candidate.

How much do I need to open my own school?

We look for candidates who have minimum $75,000 in liquid cash and a net worth of $250,000 to invest. Our initial start up investment ranges from $133,200 to $259,300 for a full school and from $88,700 to $184,025 for a smaller satellite school which includes the Initial Franchise fee of $35,000 and gives you the right to your initial training. You will have full access to our team in all of the steps you need to take to open your own Rock Underground Music School.

We do not offer financing to our franchisees but we have 3rd party lender relationships in the franchising industry and know what it takes to open a new franchised business. We’ll connect you with them so they can help.


  • The first 5 franchisees will save $10,000 and pay only $25,000 on the franchise fee.

  • Franchisees who decide to open a second and any subsequent location will save 50% on their initial franchise fee.

  • Opening a satellite school in your exclusive territory will be discounted to $17,500 as well.

What is the Royalty Fee? Are there any other ongoing fees paid to the franchise?

The ongoing Royalty fee is paid monthly and is 6% of Gross Sales. There is also a Brand Development Fund to which you will contribute 1% of Gross Sales on a monthly basis.

Ok, so I’m going to own a TRU Rock Music School – what do you teach?

Well, between us, we play over 12 instruments… but, that’s not what you wanted to know… With a full week of pre-opening franchise training, we will focus your instruction on how to run the business, hire staff, seek out performance venues and market the business to develop new students as well as how to work with parents of our younger rock stars!

Then, as you get ready to open, we will train you at your school as well as visit you and keep in contact with regular phone calls, training sessions and conferences.

Some other important things you should know:

We will continue to support you helping you choose the right advertising and market your school and The Rock Underground brand in the local market.

We update and develop our curriculums for your use, keeping up with current music and developing our students with a good mix of timeless classics and current pop music. Yes, you may be teaching a mix of Rock, Rap, Jazz, Blues, Country (RockABilly), Grunge, Alternative, Heavy Metal and even A cappella.

We recommend a retail location with great visibility for your Rock Underground limo and you will need at least 2500 but no more than 3500 sf of space for your study rooms, live performance room, recording studio, parent-free lounge and your retail shop/lobby. Satellite locations within your territory can be opened with just 750 to 1250 sf of space for studios and performance rooms.  While this sounds like a lot, don’t worry, we’ll help you with real estate selection and finding the right spot so you’ll have room to grow!

TRU ownership

What do we offer our Franchisees?

Through franchising, we plan to expand our philosophy with franchisees who want to share their passion for music with their “all-ages students” - allowing The Rock Underground music students to accomplish their goals and live their dreams. 


We will provide you with a comprehensive training program from selecting a location and opening your school (and studio), hiring and developing qualified teachers, how to build your customer base and financial controls to operate your own Rock Underground Music School.


Our systems and procedures are focused on communication, learning and the arts. We have designed our programs to serve our students (and their parents) with exceptional customer service.  Following our model, you will learn step-by-step how to implement our curriculum, develop your business and produce rock stars from even your beginner music students.


We are always available to support your business, with business development strategies, on-going coaching and counseling, continued training, local marketing guidance as well as system-wide marketing development programs.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s free to inquire to learn more about TRU!

In 3 easy steps, you can start your road to enjoyment – Owning The Rock Underground in your town – and having a Blast!

1. Complete our Franchise Qualification Form;

2. Talk to us – get to know us – we’ll get to know you; and

3. Learn more and come rock with us! Discover the fun of ownership, touring our school and visiting with us for a few hours. We’ll talk about territory and location for your school and make sure you fit in with our BrAND.

Once we all think it’s a perfect match, we’ll issue franchise agreements, help you select your location and invite you back to Bellmore and Commack studios located on Long Island, NY for your initial training.


For all the details on becoming a part of TRU franchise family, fill out our simple form below. Our franchise specialist will contact you shortly. Or call (516) 661-9300!

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