We offer a unique approach to the traditional "a cappella" GLEE club. TRU students attend a weekly group rehearsal and learn how to sing in a choir and as back-up singers to a rotating cast of lead vocalists. Performances are with a live ensemble comprised of either TRU students or TRU staff. The repertoire is chosen from the traditional and non-traditional song book and has included artists as varied as Macy Gray, Queen, Alicia Keys, Frank Zappa, Ceelo and Joe cocker. Vocalists are cast according to profiency and age. This is an excellent program for students who sing but don't play an instrument, or eventually want to front a TRU original band or join a TRU performance ensemble. 

Contact your local TRU for information on Tuition and currently running GLEE and Mini-GLEE ensembles.

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TRU Greenwood Lake @ WSAF 2017

Greenwood Lake's GLEE groups performing with instructors at the Warwick Summer Arts Festival's Warwick 150 years event in August 2017